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Vaginosis Cure – Remedies For Bacterial Vaginosis

By Gladys Busk

Bacterial vaginosis is a condition that produces itchiness, some pain, discharge and odor in the vagina. It is caused by an overgrowth of normal bacteria within the vagina. Although these various species of bacteria are naturally in the vagina, an overgrowth will cause bacterial vaginosis.

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Remedies for this condition are numerous. If it is persistent, you may need to consult with your physician. Initially your physician will probably prescribe a medication called Flagyl. Flagyl can be administered in two different ways. It can be given either as a pill or a vaginal cream or suppository. The most effective treatment is usually seven days long but recently one time doses of the cream have become available. Many physicians feel that the one time dose may be temporarily effective but recurrence is more common with it.

It is also important to note that while remedies for bacterial vaginosis are numerous, you should be evaluated by a health care professional before beginning any treatment. There are other possible causes of the unusual discharge and other symptoms. Chlamydia and gonorrhea will manifest themselves in much the same way initially. After consulting with your health care professional begin the prescribed treatment immediately.

There are several home remedies for bacterial vaginosis. Most of them restore the normal balance of the good bacteria with the bad. Douching and suppositories are the prevailing treatments. Tea tree oil suppositories or douche will work on some women. The douche or suppositories should be used for six weeks. The antifungal qualities of tea tree oil are believed to be the activity that attacks the “bad” bacteria and restores normal bacteria and ph. It is also important to note that tea tree oil should not be placed undiluted into the vagina. This can cause some allergic reactions.

Continuing with remedies for bacterial vaginosis, there is also the extract from grapefruit seeds that may be used as douche. The mixture of 2 cups of water and one teaspoon of the extract is the recommended dosage. Again, the grapefruit seed extract should not be inserted to the vaginal lining without dilution. It too can cause very uncomfortable reactions.

Douching with hydrogen peroxide in a diluted form will also aid in restoring normal bacteria and a normal ph to the vagina. By combining 2 cups of water and ΒΌ cup of hydrogen peroxide (3%) you have a safe douche to use.

Remedies for bacterial vaginosis continue with the insertion of acidophilus capsules or suppositories into the vagina. Douching with 1 teaspoon of acidophilus mixed in two cups of water will also create a safe douche. It is reported that this will aid in restoration of the good vs. bad bacteria.

Last is plain yogurt that contains lactobacillus. The yogurt may be placed directly into the vagina. It is important to obtain yogurt that contains the live lactobacillus and not that which does not contain it. The yogurt is inserted with the assistance of a plastic applicator.

The many remedies for bacterial vaginosis can be researched and tried with relative safety. It is also important to be diagnosed by a health care professional before beginning initial treatment.

Treat Bacterial Vaginosis – Ways For Treating Bacterial Vaginosis

By Gladys Busk

Bacterial vaginosis is an overgrowth of bacteria in the vagina. The symptoms vary with the progression of the illness. Initially there may be some itching and increased discharge. The discharge will increase and have the smell of fish, especially after intercourse. The important thing to do is get diagnosed and immediately begin to treat bacterial vaginosis.

In some women recurrence can occur several times each year. It can be transmitted from woman to woman but not normally from woman to man. The important thing is to treat bacterial vaginosis as soon as the symptoms occur. It can also stem from multiple sex partners.

There are pharmaceuticals that will treat bacterial vaginosis. Flagyl is the most common medication that is used for treatment. It is either in a pill form or a suppository. Men do not usually need to be medicated, but if your partner is a woman, she too will have to take the medication. It is known that a large percentage of women who use prescribed antibiotics will have a recurrence soon.

Although not physically debilitating, the feeling of being dirty and having a fishy odor in the vaginal area can often cause a lack of intimacy between partners and lead to other problems. That is why it is important to treat bacterial vaginosis as soon as it is detected. While minor to most physicians, the psychological effect on women can be devastating.

Bacterial vaginosis is an overgrowth of bacteria in the vagina. Often it is a type of bacteria that is normally present but takes on a life of its own causing discomfort, both physical and psychological in the patients that have it. The issue of finding a way to stop this growth is the only thing that will treat bacterial vaginosis and keep it gone. What this boils down to is treating the cause rather than the symptoms.

Although not particularly dangerous in of itself, it can reduce immunity to sexually transmitted diseases. For this reason as well as the discomfort, it is advisable to seek treatments. It can also present problems after hysterectomy or other gyn surgeries. It is important to be properly diagnosed before you begin treatment. This can only be done by your physician. If you attempt to do it on your own, you may be treating for what you believe to be a yeast infection, and that is not what it is. Pregnant women get bacterial vaginosis frequently and any change in discharge or odor should be reported to your doctor.

A search of the internet will uncover many possible treatments. Depending on what you read and where you read it, the plans to treat bacterial vaginosis varies greatly. Often the road to the cure is a method of restoring normal ph to the vagina. Most of the home remedies will strive to achieve this goal in their methods. Everything from yogurt to green tea douche, to peroxide douche and more are recommended. Finding the correct solution to the problem may include a web search. has some ideas that are not voiced on other sites, and the methods sound plausible. The goal is to get it to go away and stay away. Not having to worry about unpleasant odor every time you have intercourse and preventing other issues after gyn surgery that may occur is it is untreated.